Ines Valle-Profile

is an independent curator and art critic based between Europe and Africa. She holds a BA in Fine Arts and MA in Curatorial Studies from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon. She has been collaborating with several art institutions, curators and artists across the globe such as Centro Cultural de Belem (Portugal), CCAS (Australia) or TAFETA (United Kingdom). Her curatorial projects function as critical discursive platforms that mostly focus on the relations of power between politics, society and the art practice. Some of her curatorial projects include: Good Morning in Torba starts at 2:53am in Portugal (Turkey); GOD FACTOR (Mosteiro de Tibaes, Portugal); ART STABS POWER: que se vayantodos! (Plataforma Revolver, Portugal/Bermondsey Project, United Kingdom) and Gently I press the trigger (Polaris Gallery, France/ Gallery One, Palestine). (

Ines Valle-Project

Memorical Spaces

Recent reports speculate that incomparable collections of official documentation were removed from former British colonies, however only 8,800 documents where admittedly taken. In reality more than 20,000 files are held in just one building in London. Archives can be seam of evidence of how colonies where really administrated and their absence represent a huge gap of documentary heritage of a country. Memorical Spaces is a visual travel to places in memory, where non-spaces, lost or forgotten by time, are disclosed through the acute eyes of the people of Benin. This project is a kind of a visual palimpsest, a multi-layered record in which individual stories are overlaid to historical colonial facts accessible on several State archives both in United Kingdom and in Nigeria.